Wednesday, 13 July 2016

How to Treat Fin Rot on a Betta Fish

Your bright and beautiful Betta is looking great, until one day his fins look a little dull, and before you know it they are becoming more and more tattered. Suddenly you find yourself asking how to treat fin rot on a betta fish, and as it turns out, theres hundreds of different kinds of fin rot. What do you do? What CAN you do?

Fortunately, fin rot on a betta tends to be either bacterial or fungal, Even better, both of these can be fairly easily treated!

First things first though.  Quarantine your Betta! If he has live plants in his tank, any snails, or a fish such as an otocinclus, it's time to get your betta in to it's own tank.

Once your betta is in it's own tank it's time to pick a medicine.  Unfortunately, it's really hard to figure out whether or not the finrot is bacterial or fungal. But fungal is the cheapest, so most people treat for that first, usually with Pimafix.

If Pimafix fails, it may be bacterial. If this is the case Melafix is a good first step at treating a bacterial fin rot infection on a Betta. If this fails as well though, it's time to look at some serious antibiotics such as Maracyn.

Maracyn tends to clear up nearly any Betta's bacterial infection quickly!

Once your fish is looking better, try adding Stress Coat to your fish tank, it will help your fish heal up completely!

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